We created The Element due to our strong interest in gemstones and their properties. Nature itself and the many facets of life, as well as alternative practices such as gemstone therapy and Reiki served us as inspiration source. It stands to reason that each accessory is hand made by us and that our bracelets and necklaces are all made out of natural materials such as gemstones, silver, wood and brass. The creative processing of gemstones makes each jewelry one of a kind due to the wide range of materials, textures and shapes found in our collection.

Throughout the current catalogue, The Element presents a few patterns of bracelets and necklaces from our collection, made with jewelry wire, solid elastic band, cotton or silk strings, in order to address each wish our customers might have. Originally The Element was created for young and middle-aged women looking for an individual and elegant piece of jewelry, but it has been proved through our experience with customers that men interested in style and nature buy and wear our products as well.

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